Modernizing the army to defend the country in any situation and prevent unpredictable enemy attacks gives you a winning advantage on any battlefield and in any conflict anywhere in the world. Modernization of the Army is critical because of its ground vehicles, mobility and defensive capabilities.

Thanks to the development of technology and developments in the defense industry, vehicles equipped with the latest technology equipment suitable for modern warfare requirements have taken their place in the field.

This has made vehicles with older technology less usable. Thus, Interdata offers effective solutions for the modernization and active use of old technology vehicles. Through vehicle modernization, improvements in equipment maintenance and repairs can be done. With these solutions, the following parts of the vehicles can be updated. At the same time, new solution R&D activities can be carried out, suited to customer needs.

Within the scope of Military Vehicle Modernization, the following subsystems can be customized;

  • Electro-Optical Systems
  • Command and Control Systems
  • Navigation Systems
  • Weapon Systems
  • Power Systems
  • Ventilation Systems


Convoys are exposed to a variety of threats, from a simple ambush with small arms and support weapons to the covert use of IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) and mines. They may also be at risk from the threat of more modern Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) used to track and spy on them. In order to counter these threats, vehicles can be equipped with equipment such as IED systems, counter-sniper and mortar systems, as well as systems that can detect, classify, track and neutralize enemy UAVs. In addition, a convoy may carry portable UAVs that can be used for the reconnaissance of the route ahead or surveillance of a particular area.

Due to the rapid development of threats in the military and civilian areas, Convoy Protection Vehicles have started to be developed in order to protect the security of military and civilian convoys against such threats. In this scope, INTERDATA develops comprehensive Convoy Protection Vehicles.

Convoy Protection Systems are produced to provide VIP and convoy protection against remote-controlled explosives. It neutralizes threats activated by radio, wireless phones and wireless remote-controlled devices by creating a protective shield with RF broadcasts. Vehicle Type RF Jammer Systems can be easily integrated into all kinds of vehicles as well as being reprogrammable against variable situations.

Convoy Protection Vehicle - Subsystems

  • Jamming / Blanking Device,
  • Antennas
  • Power Unit
  • Auxiliary Units
  • Vehicle Mounting Kit