Interdata offers end-to-end turnkey data center solutions in line with the needs and demands of its customers.

With its ATD and BICSI certified and highly experienced technical staff in the data center field, it provides high-efficiency, low-carbon footprint, environment and user-friendly, optimum data center services in accordance with international standards.



Interdata offers end-to-end data center designs with full redundancy, in line with international standards such as TIA-942, EN-50600 and Uptime Institute, prioritizing data security to meet customer demands and needs.

Civil and architectural designs and projects are made meticulously, taking seismic, safety and static calculations into account, in accordance with the structure of the geographical region and climatic conditions, without ignoring ergonomics and aesthetics.

The infrastructure of electrical, mechanical, white space, security and monitoring systems is designed to respond to the "Tier" level demanded by the end user and to offer the most optimum and efficient solution.

Modular architecture and infrastructure solutions are offered from the first day in line with the expansion and growth projection of the end user.

Interdata provides end-to-end installations from construction, architectural and steel works to electrical, mechanical, security systems and white space works, and offers its customers turnkey data centers by completing testing and commissioning processes in accordance with international standards.

At the end of the day, Interdata is capable of installing user-friendly monitoring systems, whose electrical, mechanical and security infrastructure can be monitored and controlled from end to end, with its internal resources and framework software.

Interdata, with its experienced and certified expert staff, carries out all test steps from L0 to L5 according to international standards, carries out and documents the reports in an orderly manner.

Level 0 – No Tag – Design and Planning

Level 1 – Red Tag – Factory Acceptance Test [Off Site]

Level 2 – Yellow Tag – Component and System Delivery / Pre-Installation [On Site] – QA&QC Test

Level 3 – Green Tag – Pre-Commissioning / Pre Functional and Startup [On Site]

Level 4 – Blue Tag – Component / System Functional Performance Testing [On Site]

Level 5 – White Tag – System Integrated Testing [On Site]


Interdata manages and documents data center design, installation, testing and commissioning, and certification programs on behalf of its customers.

Interdata uses its expertise, tools and methodologies to ensure that your projects are completed within the specified budget and on time. It determines the possible budget and calendar deviations in advance, makes the necessary reports, creates action plans and produces methods and alternative solutions to complete the project in the most optimal way.


Interdata has the experience and competence to meticulously carry out the "Design Certificate" and "Facility Certificate" procurement processes of the data center designed and installed by the customer, upon request.

Infrastructure Works

INTERDATA offers optimum solutions for all kinds of medium voltage (MV), low voltage (LV), weak current, security systems, monitoring systems, etc., from design to installation, for the demands of the customer.

It is the primary goal of INTERDATA to provide safe and high quality solutions in accordance with international standards with its expert technical staff for all kinds of infrastructure requirements and to prioritize customer satisfaction.

Solar & Wind Energy Systems

Today, the installations of renewable energy and low - even zero - carbon footprint facilities is becoming a necessity rather than a choice.

In near future, low carbon footprint and emission will become essential for all businesses with strict national and international regulations. Eco-friendly systems that can produce their own energy will be inevitable for businesses as well as low energy consumption.

In this context, INTERDATA offers its customers alternative energy systems that are highly efficient, suitable for tomorrow's technology and pay for itself in a short time (ROI).

INTERDATA plans renewable energy resources from day one for turnkey plantation solutions from designing to commissioning, and provides eco-friendly, low-or zero-carbon footprint solutions.

Security Systems

The end-to-end security of your business is in good hands with our smart systems and framework software. By gathering all security system components such as CCTV, access control systems, perimeter security systems, fire detection and notification systems, personnel tracking systems, leak detection systems under a single roof, we enable you to monitor every point of your business without leaving a blind spot behind.

With our smart and artificial intelligence solutions, we detect threats or dangers before they occur, and protect your businesses from these threats.

Monitoring Systems

We offer solutions that allow you to monitor all electrical, mechanical, IT and security infrastructures of your data center or business end-to-end.

With software such as BMS, PMS, DCIM, you can monitor and manage all your infrastructure and systems without interruption.

We respond to all your automation needs in your business through our SCADA solutions.

DC Power Systems

Some systems are Teslaian (AC), some systems are Edisonian (DC).

We also produce highly efficient, traceable and sustainable solutions for your Edisonian systems. We design and install DC systems in accordance with the latest technologies in the most optimum way.

We respond to your DC power needs in the most economical and efficient way with modular or monoblock systems and long-life batteries.

Now, you've got the power!