Your Shortcut to Data Center Infrastructures…


Creating IT infrastructures is becoming a more complex, error-prone and time-consuming process. The traditional approach to assembling best-in-class components is complex and challenging; requires a deep knowledge of all relevant components and their different interdependencies. As a result, this kind of do-it-yourself approach always puts businesses at multiple risks.

Embedded systems are a comprehensive and on-growing range of powerful pre-integrated and pre-tested systems. They are offered in a single package that combines servers, storage, networking and software, making its complexity quite simple.

Its embedded systems are available factory-installed ready to run, or as customizable reference architectures that can be easily adjusted to customer-specific requirements.

Interdata's deployment and integration services that provide seamless integration into any field environment offer added convenience.

Its comprehensive portfolio of converged systems is focused on enabling IT organizations to be faster and more agile in meeting the needs of their end users by adding new levels of simplicity to technologies such as server and desktop virtualization, High Availability, Private Cloud, Big Data and High-Performance Computing. In addition, the integrated systems offered by Interdata are ideal for running solutions for Microsoft environments.


For companies, having their data in more than one storage unit is a factor that negatively affects business continuity, data management, backup and creating plans for disaster recovery scenarios, and in some cases, this confusion becomes inextricable.

The trend in data storage systems is towards flexible architectures that support different applications, changing workloads and differing requirements. In these technologies, the data of the entire institution is consolidated on the same system, ensuring the security of the data, its accessibility with different protocols (FC, iSCSI, NFS, CIFS), and the usage and manageability of different technologies together.

Today, different protocols are used in line with different applications and needs. The consolidation solution to be positioned should also be able to support different protocols without any additional requirements. The system should be positioned in a redundant structure against any malfunction and business continuity should be ensured. In case of an error, system responses should be fast, and the system should be able to be restored with minimum interruption and data loss. Data storage systems can also be supported by various software. These softwares perform with high efficiency in backing up, transmitting and storing data.

Data storage systems provide reliable storage of data, regular archiving, business continuity and backup, and provide lifecycle management and uninterrupted recycling of information. Interdata, with its brand-independent solution strategy for data storage systems, which are part of the end-to-end solutions, can offer accurate, effective and efficient solutions for your needs in order to meet your storage needs from the smallest storage server to the largest data center. Interdata enables you to prevent possible data loss by detecting the problems you may encounter in the event of a disaster, to be prepared for disaster moments and to maintain your workflows without interruption. With Interdata, your disaster recovery strategy is planned in line with the definition and classification of possible risks, definitions of services that ensure business continuity, analysis of risks and services, downtime and data up-to-date, role and task distributions, and infrastructure requirements.


Used with the new and diverse Windows operating system, professional devices are a perfect fit for people-oriented workplaces. Efficiency is now at your fingertips, thanks to efficient operating features accompanied by new technologies. Whether your goal is to upgrade your existing portfolio or select incredible new devices, Interdata has everything you need for a secure and modern workplace.

Includes Tablets, Notebooks, Desktop PCs, Workstations, Thin clients, Windows and Office applications.

It provides services in network security hardware supply, installation and operation with its Interdata certified consultants. It contains:


  • Open Field Radiolink Systems
  • Wide Area Network Optimization
  • Wireless Local Area Networks
  • Load Balancing
  • Integrated Messaging
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Video Conferencing Solutions
  • Internet Security Solutions
  • End-user Security
  • Data Security


After virtualization became the new industry standard 10 years ago, the frequency of use in data centers has reached 98%. Virtualization, which provides the concepts of high performance, high availability, continuity and flexibility as a standard, is an important field of our activity.

Working with a team of experts in this field, Interdata provides services and solutions in the following virtualization areas.

  • Server Virtualization
  • Storage Virtualization
  • End User Computing
  • Network Virtualization


Secure Endpoint Devices and Solutions for a Complete Centralized and Virtual Desktop Experience

  • Blades
  • KVM Solutions
  • Mini PC
  • PCoIP Host Cards
  • Management Software
  • Tempest Desktop
  • Thin Client
  • Workstations
  • Zero Clients