In your vehicles with Hello Emi Smart Vehicle Tracking System, which provides instant and retrospective tracking and control of vehicles' speeds, routes, stops, sudden acceleration-deceleration data and similar on maps via internet-connected computers, smartphones, tablets and similar devices 24/7 via GPS;

  • Instantly connect to the device on the mobile application with the easily integrated software and hardware feature.
  • With the instant location tracking feature, ensure the safety of your vehicle and your employees by instantly locating in cases such as theft and accident.
  • Enjoy personalized customer experience with software flexibility specific to institutions and organizations.
  • Closely monitor the safe driving performance of your shipping fleets with driver performance tracking and management.

Motion sensor

Motion detection is one of the important tools to protect your home or business. In case of any unauthorized access to the areas you want to secure, it can send a warning signal via the mobile application or Hello Emi smart device so that you can take the necessary precautions.

How it works

The working principle of the motion detection detector is basically infrared, which detects the temperature difference, and with the signals of different wavelengths sent, it detects the suspicious movement in the unauthorized area and transmits the consecutive images to you, so you can visually check the alarm status.

Door-Window sensor

Window sensors have a structure that will be activated after doors or windows are opened at a certain rate. When there is a foreign entry in the environment, this activation activates the warning notifications and Hello Emi smart device, and the people in the relevant area are informed.

Smoke detector:

The smoke-heat detector working with your alarm system detects the smoke and sudden temperature changes in your home and sends a signal to your Hello Emi smart device as soon as the alarm is activated (it also notifies the fire department simultaneously). You will be informed about the situation in a short time, and if confirmed, the fire brigade will be directed to your home address.

With Hello Emi Intelligent Personnel Tracking System, our aim is to create error-free records by minimizing the human workforce. The important thing here is that the data coming from the devices is as accurate and functional as possible. As the Hello Emi family, we are always at your side with our solution partners, from Turkey's largest enterprises to the smallest workplaces, by focusing on your needs with our advanced structure and rich modules.

  • 100% domestically produced software and hardware,
  • different tracking systems through the concentrator,
  • Additional feature: RFID tag,
  • Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery and charging circuit,
  • 7 inch e-ink screen,
  • Audible alarm feature,
  • Customizable button,
  • 10 charging station options,
  • Internal antenna,
  • Communication in 2.4 GHz ISM band with Bluetooth low energy protocol,
  • High endurance power suitable for field conditions,
  • 1 x CR2032 battery,
  • 2 x Bluetooth 4.2 receiver/transmitter,
  • 1 RS-232 channel,
  • Embedded headend system,
  • Easy setup
  • Individual-based daily, monthly, and annual reporting
  • Heatmap
  • Authorization

  As our Occupational Safety needs have increased, Access Control Systems have evolved over the years, resulting in the need to selectively restrict and manage the ability to enter or exit a particular area. For businesses, preventing unauthorized access means minimizing risk. Choosing the right access and security system is crucial when it comes to protecting your personnel, data and workplaces.