Petroleum and its derivatives have indispensable importance in industry and energy sectors in all countries. Countries that export oil and its derivatives need the best protection of these enterprises and their transmission lines.

Within the scope of Pipeline Security, Interdata forms an integrated solution by combining the areas where the enterprises are located with detailed field investigation and valuable data received from the customer.

Surveillance system configurations are created by identifying low, medium and high-level risk zones through threat and risk analysis. First of all, it is aimed to detect and identify threats, and when necessary, soft-kill and hard-kill active protection systems can be added to the solution in order to neutralize threats.

These solutions include the following hubs, bases, solutions, platforms and systems:


  • Joint Operations Center
  • Regional Operations Center
  • Data Center
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Base
  • Interdata - Unmanned Ground Vehicles
  • Interdata - Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Interdata - Tactical Intelligence Vehicles