One of many common issues in all countries is Border Security. The main problems in the border regions are attacks by terrorist organizations, smuggling, mass migrations and illegal entrances from the border, which have recently become more important. In order to prevent these situations, Interdata offers joint solutions combining Manned/Unmanned air/land vehicles and bases working in an integrated manner in border regions. Regions and central bases are established according to the width of the border area and customer demands, and gradual command control and communication systems are established in between. 

Border Security Solutions includes the following center/base, solutions, systems and products. Configurations are determined according to the need for border area coverage. All products within Interdata can be used as part of the Border Security solution, such as below:

  • Main Operations Center
  • Regional Operation Centers
  • Data Center
  • Border Security Towers/Containers
  • Tactical Intelligence Vehicles
  • INTERDATA Electro-Optic Systems Product Family
  • INTERDATA Intelligence Products Product Family
  • INTERDATA RF Systems Product Family
  • INTERDATA Unmanned Land Vehicles Product Family
  • INTERDATA Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Product Family
  • INTERDATA Avionic Systems Product Famil